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Refreshingly simple insurance, 100% online, and ready in minutes

Your life

Get refreshingly simple life insurance to cover your life. Help your loved ones with debts, taxes, or trouble making ends meet without you.

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Your stuff

Get refreshingly simple renters insurance to cover your stuff. Stuff happens and the average renter has $20,000 sitting around their place.

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Your pets

Get refreshingly simple pet insurance to cover your pets. You never want to choose between lifesaving veterinary help or paying rent.

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Your trips

Get refreshingly simple travel insurance to cover your trips. Enjoy the journey, don't let stolen bags or canceled flights get in your way.

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It's time insurance got an upgrade

Quilt is for people who want their insurance to be simple, focused on their needs, and 100% online. We promise: we’ll never make you read pages of legalese or hound you with calls from salesy agents.

  • 100% online
    100% online.

    Shop, buy, and use Quilt without phone calls, faxes, or paperwork.

    It’s 2017. We get it.

  • Only 5 mins, start to finish
    Minutes, not weeks.

    Get your quote and buy your policy in minutes. No medical exams or wait periods, just some questions.

  • No legalese
    No legalese.

    Quilt keeps it simple because you can't use what you don't understand.

  • Quilt members are family
    You're family to us.

    Quilt is there for your life's biggest moments and we'll always treat them that way.

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